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About Us

Ascension to higher realms or acheive material abundance...

Zero Point Matrix is a dynamic system of rhythmic breathing.

Raise your vibrational frequency and get into the right energy vortex... a 21 day self mastery program.

Change your inner world to master your outer world.

Everyone is looking for something or other.It could be freedom of time & money,a fabulous relationship, fulfilling career,unlimited wealth or health and vitality.When one does not achieve what one desires they turn to self help books,seminars, masters & mentors.However they all tell you that the inner world creates your outer world.

This inner world is made of subtle energy. The higher powers,The Source,Gods-has given the body and mind as tools to experience the joys of the life and manifest anything you desire. The breathing matrix is the key to use these tools, so we can get in the energy vortex.

The Zero Point Matrix is a dynamic system of rhythmic breathing.The breathing patterns helps you to the raise the frequency & get in the right energy vortex. Self mastery program... raise your vibrational frequency,get in the right energy vortex & activate the law of attraction.

2012 - The Age of Manifestation!

Have you already created the life of your dreams?

Have you ever wondered why some people manifest the “dream-life” easily and others have to struggle for simple things in life? Do you want real answers?

“Discover the Secrets to Effortlessly Harnessing the Universal Power to Create More Health, Wealth and Happiness, Than You Ever Thought Possible”

Science has already proven there is a Universal Power that envelopes all of creation. …It is this power or energy that makes up everything in our abundant universe. There are truly Zero limits to what you can attain, accomplish, and attract into your life, once you harness this power.

This power keeps us alive. And, this energy is present in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sunlight that warms our earth.