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The Zero Point Experience is singular one day, interactive event uniquely designed to help you finally manifest the life of your desire!

The Zero Point Experience is a playful and profound breakthrough experience that will shake you, awake you and inspire you to the next level of your destined path.

ZPE is the first of a result-focused live series to definitively insure that 2012 becomes the year that we have all been dreaming of.


Los Angeles, CA.
November, 10, 2012

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At this workshop you will...
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  • Understand clearly for the first time why the methods, techniques and systems you’ve been using to improve and enrich your life, Have not been working!
  • For growth to occur, realize the vital importance of creating a collaborative covenant with your mind.
  • Experience the sublime, mindless state that exclusively opens the gate to authentic evolution in the human species.
  • Learn how to connect with, and harness the Universal Power-the Vitagara -the Infinite Energy-the Super-Consciousness-again and again!
  • Discover a simple but dynamic, time-tested system that works every time.
Synopsis of Rajah's Teachings
  • As humans we have unlimited potential, we can be do or have anything we desire.
  • We are on this earth for expansion. The body & mind are the tools for the expansion.
  • Everything in the abundant universe, including our body & mind is created from the same energy. This energy is intelligent & vital.
  • We believe the oxygen we breathe, from the air , keeps us alive. But, the oxygen cannot bring someone back to life; therefore, the life giving element or power is something else.
  • Science has already proven that there is a universal power that envelopes all of creation. This power keeps us alive and this energy is present is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sunlight that warms our earth.
  • Every day we harness the energy from these sources to create electricity, by using the windmills, hydro-plants and solar panels. We can harness the universal power.
  • We have evolved as humans...its 2012.The Age of Manifestation. We can harness this energy to create virtually anything we can imagine.
“Join me and other true seekers like yourself in the very first group Zero Point Experience in
the western hemisphere. You already know if you're meant to be with us."
Rajah Sharma, the developer of the Zero Point Matrix